2012 – Jenna and David Johansson

Jenna Pittman Johansson and David Johansson submitted a joint application, were chosen and will travel as joint Fellows in Rome this year. David is from St. Cloud and works for Target in their architecture office. Jenna is from Faribault and works for Hammel, Green and Abrahamson. Below are links to some of the material they provided.

Jenna’s Design Portfolio 5Meg PDF

Jenna’s Drawing Portfolio .5Meg PDF

David’s Design Portfolio 5 Meg PDF

David’s Drawing Portfolio 1 Meg PDF

(an excerpt from their joint application statement)

This summer, we will be taking a second trip to Italy on May 15th. We plan to spend at least five days in Rome and ten more days visiting other parts of Italy including Florence and some western, coastal villages. In addition to visiting the architecture, we would like to explore it through photographs and drawings. We have spent much of our time in graduate school learning digital techniques for representation but our backgrounds are very much in hand drawing and we still use hand drawing for the majority of our ideation and thinking. The SPQR Alumni Fellowship would provide us not only with financial support, but a platform in which to share our explorations. Together, we would like to apply as a collaborative proposal for the fellowship, in which we will jointly explore the architecture of Rome and Italy through our drawings, photos, and writings.

David & Jenna Johansson

(Note: Jenna and David’s personal blog about their trip:  Italy – Round Two! )