2016 – Amy Poburka

Amy PoburkaWe have a new SPQR Fellow, Amy Poburka. Amy is joining fifteen other design students of the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture Spring Semester Study Abroad to Rome and Istanbul headed by professor Ozayr Saloojee. This is a terrific program. I encourage you to visit their web page and follow the students observations in both Rome and Istanbul.  Amy has started her own web site with photos, drawings and insights here: https://spqr2016.wordpress.com

Here is what professor Saloojee wrote about her:

Amy Poburka was our unanimous selection for the 2016 SPQR Fellowship.  Her application rose to the top of large pool of applicants and she clearly distinguished herself with thoughtful writing and some evocative drawing. In addition, I had the opportunity to see and review some of her studio work (at Amy’s invitation) and the analysis work she and her partner did (on a site in Istanbul, I might add) was rigorous and thorough.  I believe that she will represent the SPQR Fellowship very well here in Rome and will be an excellent ambassador for our program.

Amy also shared this information:

This is my first visit to Rome. I couldn’t be more excited to explore and learn here! I landed last Sunday and spent my first week walking the city and familiarizing myself with the streets (and the tasty foods around every corner). I think I’m starting to get a good idea of where landmarks are located in relation to each other. Ozayr has us started on our project, and I am doing my best to keep my hand moving with numerous sketches.

A few details about me:

I grew up in Mankato, MN where my mom works as a graphic designer and my dad is a professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am the middle child with one older brother and one younger sister. Growing up, I danced classical ballet for fourteen years and played the cello my school orchestra. I’ve always enjoyed making and pursued drawing, sewing, and printmaking in my free time (and I still do, for that matter). These activities led me to investigate all design disciplines when the time came to choose a major. I chose architecture because of its ability to incorporate analog and digital forms of making into a fast paced, industrious profession. I chose UMN because of its great reputation and for the beautiful city of Minneapolis, where I find myself quite at home.

In the more recent past I’ve had the chance to explore my architecture-related interests in studio, where I find I particularly enjoy creating presentation graphics and speaking for reviews. Last summer I completed an undergraduate research project in which I used parametric modeling in conjunction with a 3d body scan to design an article of clothing. I also worked as an AmeriCorps member with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity to help construct a multi-unit home in Cottage Grove, MN. Now, I plan to savor my time abroad and appreciate it for what it is- the experience of a lifetime. This summer,  I would like to get some experience in a firm with an internship. I’m most interested in a career in civic and cultural architecture, of which Rome has many tremendous examples!

Attached is Amy’s application with sketches and essay.

AP SPQR 2016 application

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